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Great game! I love the whole DDLC/Petscop vibe and the secrets in the files. I think I found everything on my first playthrough but wanted to know !!!SPOILERS!!!

 wether it is possible to find the "plasma hole" and fix the reincarnation filters or find the skinless womans mind in excland?

thank you! and yes it's possible, you still haven't achieved the true ending, you need to go to plasma hole indeed :)

on another topic, Excland is pointless. i just made it for fun

There’s a book myth of the skinless woman in the shop zone . Is it just decorative or something useful ? I tried every key on my keyboard , but I cannot see the book .

The guy pn the right in shop zone will tell you how to read the book. !!!SPOILERS!!!

 It's in HAPPY WORLD_data and it's called motsw.txt

There’s someone eating an ice-cream in the snow zone. Since the bottom of the cone looks very sharp , I want to ask a question. Is that possible to get the ice cream from that guy and dig a hole into the ground ? 

How Though??? I've talked to every singe character and done every possible thing. I did everything I can and got the artifact from each plane. !!!SPOILERS!!!

The only things left are the locked orb behind the house in world 3, the bird house on top of that house and the reset man(does he actually restart the game or is it a DDLC kinda restart?)

He actually restarts the game. And try talking to purple slime by the motel

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!!!SPOILERS!!!(should be obvious by now XD)

Thanks! I saved Skinless Woman and Purple and then the DDLC music came on and it all became clear XD Is the Skinless Woman Monica? And is Purple Sayori? And Red could be Yuri, because death by stabbage or Natsuki because of anger( although Natsuki isn't that psycho kind of angry, she ist waifu) and so Blue would be Natsuki then. Was this intentional or am I just wrong? Either way it's great!!! But does saving certain ghosts change the blue machines response?

It's just a coincidence. And oh, thanks!

And blue machine can't do anything else.

I’m very sorry about I posted the reply before literally trying every key on my keyboard . I tried to press D , I will see the book .     . This is why I’m unable to find the book , I use them instead of W S A and D . By the way , this is one of the reasons that I think happy zone is worse than happy world . Because happy zone doesn’t support these four keys . 

I can get to secrets or get artifacts in somewhere , their musics only perform once . But the musics of other places are looped , does it mean I cannot find any secrets ? 

I play this game much earlier than downloading  the previous project happy zone , I don’t know anything about the early  events of the multiverse. I recently downloaded happy zone to see the past events of the multiverse  , but the quality is worse than happy world . For example, I only helped few people and the game told me I can go now 

This games a lot of fun and very cute! It definitely surprised me a few times as the game went on too. Lots of secrets, cute art and a fantastic OST. Definitely worth checking out.

There’s a pink thing on the question-marked platform in the snow zone. If you find the secret before giving the pink thing to the machine, you can only see the skinless woman. If you give the pink thing to the machine before entering the secret, you can see both the pink ugly thing and the skinless woman . So I guess the machine can put things into the secret which is the ancient place in happy zone . 

Very interesting game! I have played the game once, but I know there is still a lot I am missing! Im on my second playthrough now, trying different things and I keep finding more and more little details I missed on the first playthrough! I reccomend this game! (You may want to play during the day if you are easily frightened!)


This game had a super nostalgic “PlayStation classic” feel to it. That paired up with some Petscop and DDLC vibes easily makes this one of my favorite indie games right now. It definitely needs to be bigger than it currently is. Multiple endings, lore, Easter eggs in the files, and other stuff that I don’t wanna say due to spoilers. 

Character movement was a little touchy and it was hard to stop moving in a certain direction once you gained some momentum (this caused me to fall off the edge a lot) but other than that, I didn’t want to put this down! Thanks for making this game!! Please make more like it!

Okay, so I definitely missed a TON of stuff in my first playthrough of the game. I did a quick episode digging deeper and achieving the alternate 'ending' - I tried to find all of the secrets that I could in this one. I know I missed stuff, and have gone back and unlocked even more! One more video coming tomorrow!

This game just keeps astounding me with its deep lore and secrets. Even now, watching my videos on this game, I'm seeing things that I didn't catch the first time. Little bits and pieces of info between characters are tying together. It's brilliant. If I was a theory channel, I'd SO totally do a theory on this game. Thanks a ton for making this!

This game was so immersive and it had so much information hidden. Just have to dig deep and pay attention to what the NPCs say. It's not ALL nonsense. That being said, I think I found the rest of the secrets in this game!

Here's the second part to my playthrough:

This game is so weird...
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You didn’t find the true ending or secret places. The most obvious secret is the party in restaurant zone, this is the most obvious secret but you didn’t enter it . There’s a bouncy faraway, no floor and no ground  holds that bouncy, that is the entrance of the party . 

The latest release doesn’t contain a frog ? Probably, demo version contains a frog 

The frog is unlockable in the full game. But it's a secret.

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I saw something that’s shining but isn’t very bright  in the plane after the song ended. I took the artifact and then the brightness disappeared . The brightness was near the place where the ghost was living on . Either my computer screen has some problems or that’s the scret place of the frog . Excepting the screen problems, I need to know how to let the brightness appears again because I only did it once when I was arbitrarily playing the game. 

There is no brightness, I believe it's just your computer screen

It proceeds me to play the game in any dark rooms, and not to turn on the lights.  If I turn on the lights or play the game before 18 o’clock , it will make me see something wrong on computer screen 

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Alright, the tune when it said there was never negative energy and then showed a machine... And then showed my real name. You pulled a DDLC. I'm impressed. I expected it, but I loved it. The goosebumps, the amusement.. It also gave a Petscop feeling, due to background, interactions and few other things.

Why didn’t you upload a video to YouTube ? 

Thank you :) it pleases me to know people actually get goosebumps from it

That effect was definitely amazing, the sound effect coupled with the window size change, as well as showing my real name definitely made me jump, to say the least.

This is quite frankly, the weirdest game I've ever played. Thank you for that.

Here's the first part of my playthrough, if anybody's interested:


I thought I played through the entire game, but some of the screenshots are unfamiliar to me. Did I miss something? I did see there was a (locked) secret world teleporter in world three, but after the ghost-lady in the hub ended the game for me, I just assumed it was over...

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Oh okay, thanks for the information, I'll probably check out the secrets I missed in a second playthrough :D

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The competitor of nunu bakery told me to knock over tables. Do you have any ideas to make both the competitor and the nunu happy ? 



...but I have many feelings about this game ._.

Most of which are positive, though! I am however, a big puss. Quite a bit of what I saw iyour game scared the bajeezus out of me, and I don't handle that very well... (my mind kept going back to the fire guy and the "don't leave me" room when I tried to go to sleep 2 nights ago >< It was not pleasant)

That said, while I don't aim to continue playing it after...well, THAT...I enjoyed the experience, and definitely recommend others play it for themselves ^^

I covered the game twice on my YouTube channel. Next episode's going up tomorrow morning. While I can't handle playing more of it myself, I do hope this helps encourage others to give it a shot. 

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excuse me but why did you put my patreon page as the thumbnail and call it $71 per month? it's a free game. and if not why are you saying how much i make on the thumbnail?

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Why do you feel uncomfortable ? No, I don’t 


i mean nothing bad by it but, what is going on with this world?!!

ty for playing but just an fyi, it's not a puzzle game

How do you categorize puzzle games and non-puzzle games ? 


well you see, puzzle games have puzzles in them

and non-puzzle games


I thought puzzle games were the ones without the puzzles

now i'm confused

Merriam-Webster dictionary says puzzle is about solving problems. And the game happy world has secret places and the problem about what you should do in blue plane . But the developer doesn’t think it’s puzzle game , why not ? 


 just... why...

Spoiler Warning!! There is so much to this game and everyone should play it 

[Slight spoilers??]

Upon finishing the game I noticed that a certain area unlocked. However It won't let me go into it? I'm not sure if there are certain requirements to go in besides finishing the game or..?

you have to get the true ending

So the true ending isn't the fixing ending?

oh, it is. what is your issue exactly?

Whenever I go to the entrance and wait it brings me to the pop-up page , but it still shows an entirely black page with a question mark at the center. I'm guessing nothing in-game is supposed to happen but instead the web page is supposed to change somehow.  

Yes, that's supposed to happen. Thanks for playing :)

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This Game OMG. I was expecting something completely different


This was a truly weird experience. I like weird things

Somehow you still manage to surprise me.

Spoilers ahead

Why did you add the "Never leave" part, this game was so innocent till then D;

Oh wait, nevermind.

I just watched the release trailer, i normally don't watch those untill i play the game

Oooh secrets! I can't wait to find out what they all are! ^_^ Sadly, I missed a part because of a sneezing fit though... :(  

Here's my first part of the playthrough

reminds me of petscop... if you, the reader of this comment aren't aware of this game... i suggest you search it up... it gets pretty........... intense.

(this game is gold. nothing makes me happier than helping NPC's)


Whats the best way to run this fullscreen on Linux ? i dont have an option menu and escape quits.

btw music is great :D

Pressing F4 sets the game to fullscreen mode!

F4 to toggle fullscreen mode

and thank you :)

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This game looks awesome!


thanks :) you should play it

I plan on it. :)

Very interesting! 

This is a very intriguing game.  You will likely enjoy this game because it is colourful and appealing, yet also is fun to think about and work out.  This one is worth checking out.  

I made a lets play of the game which you can find here:

Happy World is a good game and the dev did a good job making this.  It is fun and interesting and is worth your time. 

why isnt everybody playing this

this feels like it should be a huge mainstream hit but no one knows it!!!!!

very good video game i like to play it


This is an incredible, immersive experience. The music and sounds are so good! So many amazing songs in this game, all conveying a lot of different feelings. That's another thing I loved about Happy World: it made me feel things! In particular there were dialogues that immediately brought to mind personal experiences and conversations I've had with friends years ago. I also love exploring the worlds, meeting each character and hopefully making them smile (unless it's the restaurant guy. I will never hurt NuNu! </3) This game is wonderful at letting you feel like you're really part of the world you're in, from the very beginning when you gain consciousness. It's a lovely experience that I'm glad I could have, so thank you for this!

To summarize, Happy World is really, really, really, really good!!! Great job! :)

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thank you so much! that means so much to hear :)


This game immerses you into a fantastic surreal world that can't be described in words.

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