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Why is THE PURPLE PLANE music very similar to the Doki Doki Literature Club music?

How do you make the game know your information?

Hey, i really enjoyed your game!
The style is so nice and unique, i really enjoyed it. All those little secrets are so interesting to come by and explore.
I wish i could've contacted you directly but it's really hard to find any social media of yours, heh.
I really wonder what are you up to next and can't wait to see new creations from you!

Thank you so much !

You can join the discord or go to my youtube on the game's trailer if you want(where there are updates on new stuff)

This game is literally the best. The happiness and horror lore in it makes me love this game, can't wait for a sequel if there is one! :D


I absolutely adore this game. The style, the music, the dialogue, everything is great.

I am curious if you guys are working on another game? I would love to see what else you can come up with.


Thank you :)

It's just me actually, and I am!

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oh my god, are you actually planning to make the sequel?? if I'd only know how to help you I would gladly help. this game is really underrated imo and its such a shame I couldn't play, it seriously needs more people to recognize how beautiful it is, I listen to the soundtrack 24/7 and what can I say?? its affascinating to me. good luck with the sequel, and I rlly hope we can get more of "never leave me/white" :^)

Deleted 167 days ago

Thanks! That makes me happy


glad to know that!! :DD


Sorry to say that the true ending is contrary to the fact. ,people near death are cheerful. Bodies restrict your actions, in Buddhism or another religion.


Masterpiece. Would edit this to talk more about... This top 5 itch game.


thank you that means so much to me :)


hello!! I am a rlly big fan of your work dude!! but like,,I think there's an issue with my pc.
basically when I try opening the app it says I can't. im on Mac and I don't understand what's wrong

ty :) unfortunately i dont know what causes mac to do that... im aware of this but havent found a solution


aww man, such a shame, I rlly wanted to play HAPPY WORLD-

There's a way to play windows games on mac I think it's called VirtualBox. I'm sorry even if I wanted to fix the mac port I couldn't, the project file is on my broken harddrive. If one day I could fix it it would be a miracle.

frick. I'll try using the virtual machine and see if that'll work, also sorry to hear the hard drive broke


Not sure why I didn't comment much sooner, but I love this game and its soundtrack! It was on my mind for a good while after I played it in July 2018. It's very unique, and it influenced my tastes in surreal horror. The Nunu segment really hurt. ;p 

Very well done!

I'm so glad to hear that, thank you :)


This game is probably one of my favorite creative art projects I've ever seen or experienced. Any chance of a sequel or another game in this style?


Thanks that means a lot :) and for now it's uncertain. I was making a follow up(HAPPY PARTY) to it but it got lost on someone's laptop and my old broken harddrive.


what genre would you describe your music / soundtrack to be?

No genre honestly, I don't like categorizing


Your game made me feel sick. It was great! Would love to see more.



In the hub, there's a background music: After the girl told me to restore the happiness, the hub music started; and after I find the hope of the true ending, the hub music changes. But why don't you upload the hub musics to the soundtrack? 

You mean the default hub music pre-true ending? It's just a blurred out version of Her House I didn't really feel like it was worth including

(+1) , what's burning in the game? 


Red, you, burning in pain

Does it play when doing the true ending?

Yes, before you enter the furnace if you fall off it will trigger the event

Finding the true ending was too easy for me. If you wanna make it difficult, modify the way to get the artifact from purple, blue, or red. E.g., to press the space(while not talking) is to dance, it's difficult to get the artifact if the player must dance in red plane. 

I don't have the project anymore, it's on my old harddrive that crashed

The game got smaller in size, as I remember. Why did you revoke the change?

The newer version had problems, and I realized it was optimal to restore the downloadable to its former one.

Would you tell us the problems?

It didn't really feel right to add some new content and polishing, but the main issue was you couldn't progress in the TRUE ENDING. Meaning you cannot enter Purple's orb in the furnace.


Had a blast playing this one! (forgot to post when I first played it) 


I was absolutely loved this game, I watched ManlyBaddassHero's playthrough. I must say I absolutely loved the music elements especially the worm zone. Would you ever upload the soundtracks on Youtube or Soundcloud?

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Thank you very much : )) it used to be on YouTube but my former channel was deleted. A lot of the songs were uploaded on my old soundcloud which was also deleted. But the entire soundtrack is available for free on bandcamp : )

I'm guessing you already saw but just making sure.


Thank you very much! I'll make sure to check out your bandcamp. (^-^)


This game is quite charming! It reminds me of Petscop and LSD Dream Emulator. I did get quite the scare on my first playthrough. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game, as well as your other works!

Thanks :)


This game fuckin rocks but I can't enter purple, is that intentional?

also by that I mean I try to get into purple (3rd furnace orb) and the screen does the transition flash, but I don't actually move

Thanks :) and that's weird, what version did you download? I've heard that the mac version is glitchy

I have the windows version, should I try redownloading the game again?

I'm sorry you're having this problem. Seems to be corrupted, I would try redownloading the game. Fortunately you don't have to restart, you should still have all your progress.

I downloaded it again and played it, and the same thing happened. Is that what you meant by redownloading?


I loved this game. I played it on my YouTube channel. Hope you don't mind!


got petscop vibe from this game, do you happen to know petscop? 



Hey im in love with this game and the soundtrack is there a way i can buy the soundtrack

Hi, thank you! You can get the soundtrack for free here :)


wow thats really amazing the ost is so good i love it

can we do full screen??

Yes, you can do Alt+Enter to toggle full screen and also F4 I think



You're welcome!

Jimi Masuraki the troll :D

Alt+F4 closes the game, F4 fullscreens.

hello friend!! i just finished my first playthrough last night and it was very spooky, i love this. the writing is amazing and the aesthetic/art-style are right up my alley!! i do have kind of a silly question though, if u don't mind. is there a way to avoid making nunu cry? i love her so much : (

thank you! and yes, if you do the true ending, you can skip all world 3 missions which includes nunu. you can still visit her though

i see!! thank u so much for your zippy reply!!

no problem! i just got on the computer haha

Holy shit, this game has grown! Since 189 days (Its launch), this game has become pretty popular. Great job, Jimi/Jimmy!

Thank you :)

Hello, I can't seem to run the mac version, it says it's broken :(

So I haven't started this yet, but is this different from Happy Zone? Do I need to play one before the other or does it not matter?

Yes, it is different

No it does not matter which order you play it in. Have fun :)

I've played through world three, but now I only have access to the destruction ending. Is there a way to restart the game?

If you do that ending and open the game again it should have reset. If not, then you can restart it by going into app data and deleting the .HW files in C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Jimmy Maslaki\HAPPY WORLD

Thank you, Mr Jim. However, I believe you are referring to the Windows version. Can I do this via apple?

Did A Full Playthrough This Game is a Lie.

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Knock over tables to make the nunu cry and kill the guy by giving him a match . Is that rigid ? I played the game several times , but I cannot change the rule that makes nunu cry and kills the guy . I saw sad camp is opened and I can go there without answering the competitor, is it a bug ? 


I have a further question . Most of the places have their names, such as excland ,snow zone, nunu bakery  . But some places don’t show their names. I got the key from purple slime and went to Hub , I don’t know the name of that place . Please wait until the song ends in snow zone and it will take you to a secret place which is in happy zone . I don’t know the name of that place . 

If you do the second ending and get the RED PLANE artifact you can skip world 3 missions.

And the purple slime key place is called Plasma Hole

And that last place is called "HAPPY ZONE"

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Someone’s baking a pie in the house. Is there any way to ask the man who’s baking a pie come to happy party ? Or the happy party is vacant . 

Nope, there is no way.

I'm pretty sure Happy Party Enterance is a tease at the dev's next game, which is also called Happy Party, i'm assuming that interacting with the MACHINE in that area will bring you to the page for Happy Party in a future update.

It already does bring you to the page. But it will also bring you to a new level in a future update(probably).

You are very good at using sound effects and music to create an atmosphere, and also at


spooking me

This game has been mentioned and recommended by itch webmasters. .  . 

The game is a fun adventure through a colorful and fun environment!

All the characters are what made the experience complete for me!

By far one of the few hidden gems on this website :) 

You may knock on the door in world three and three rooms are vacant . You’re wrong and one room isn’t vacant. There’s someone dancing in one room , but the piano plays more loudly than  you knock on the door or someone answers you . You should keep him from playing the piano and you will hear someone’s dancing . 

Great game! I love the whole DDLC/Petscop vibe and the secrets in the files. I think I found everything on my first playthrough but wanted to know !!!SPOILERS!!!

 wether it is possible to find the "plasma hole" and fix the reincarnation filters or find the skinless womans mind in excland?

thank you! and yes it's possible, you still haven't achieved the true ending, you need to go to plasma hole indeed :)

on another topic, Excland is pointless. i just made it for fun

There’s a book myth of the skinless woman in the shop zone . Is it just decorative or something useful ? I tried every key on my keyboard , but I cannot see the book .

The guy pn the right in shop zone will tell you how to read the book. !!!SPOILERS!!!

 It's in HAPPY WORLD_data and it's called motsw.txt

There’s someone eating an ice-cream in the snow zone. Since the bottom of the cone looks very sharp , I want to ask a question. Is that possible to get the ice cream from that guy and dig a hole into the ground ? 

How Though??? I've talked to every singe character and done every possible thing. I did everything I can and got the artifact from each plane. !!!SPOILERS!!!

The only things left are the locked orb behind the house in world 3, the bird house on top of that house and the reset man(does he actually restart the game or is it a DDLC kinda restart?)

He actually restarts the game. And try talking to purple slime by the motel

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!!!SPOILERS!!!(should be obvious by now XD)

Thanks! I saved Skinless Woman and Purple and then the DDLC music came on and it all became clear XD Is the Skinless Woman Monica? And is Purple Sayori? And Red could be Yuri, because death by stabbage or Natsuki because of anger( although Natsuki isn't that psycho kind of angry, she ist waifu) and so Blue would be Natsuki then. Was this intentional or am I just wrong? Either way it's great!!! But does saving certain ghosts change the blue machines response?

It's just a coincidence. And oh, thanks!

And blue machine can't do anything else.

I’m very sorry about I posted the reply before literally trying every key on my keyboard . I tried to press D , I will see the book .     . This is why I’m unable to find the book , I use them instead of W S A and D . By the way , this is one of the reasons that I think happy zone is worse than happy world . Because happy zone doesn’t support these four keys . 

I can get to secrets or get artifacts in somewhere , their musics only perform once . But the musics of other places are looped , does it mean I cannot find any secrets ? 

I play this game much earlier than downloading  the previous project happy zone , I don’t know anything about the early  events of the multiverse. I recently downloaded happy zone to see the past events of the multiverse  , but the quality is worse than happy world . For example, I only helped few people and the game told me I can go now 

This games a lot of fun and very cute! It definitely surprised me a few times as the game went on too. Lots of secrets, cute art and a fantastic OST. Definitely worth checking out.

There’s a pink thing on the question-marked platform in the snow zone. If you find the secret before giving the pink thing to the machine, you can only see the skinless woman. If you give the pink thing to the machine before entering the secret, you can see both the pink ugly thing and the skinless woman . So I guess the machine can put things into the secret which is the ancient place in happy zone . 

Very interesting game! I have played the game once, but I know there is still a lot I am missing! Im on my second playthrough now, trying different things and I keep finding more and more little details I missed on the first playthrough! I reccomend this game! (You may want to play during the day if you are easily frightened!)


This game had a super nostalgic “PlayStation classic” feel to it. That paired up with some Petscop and DDLC vibes easily makes this one of my favorite indie games right now. It definitely needs to be bigger than it currently is. Multiple endings, lore, Easter eggs in the files, and other stuff that I don’t wanna say due to spoilers. 

Character movement was a little touchy and it was hard to stop moving in a certain direction once you gained some momentum (this caused me to fall off the edge a lot) but other than that, I didn’t want to put this down! Thanks for making this game!! Please make more like it!

Okay, so I definitely missed a TON of stuff in my first playthrough of the game. I did a quick episode digging deeper and achieving the alternate 'ending' - I tried to find all of the secrets that I could in this one. I know I missed stuff, and have gone back and unlocked even more! One more video coming tomorrow!

This game just keeps astounding me with its deep lore and secrets. Even now, watching my videos on this game, I'm seeing things that I didn't catch the first time. Little bits and pieces of info between characters are tying together. It's brilliant. If I was a theory channel, I'd SO totally do a theory on this game. Thanks a ton for making this!

This game was so immersive and it had so much information hidden. Just have to dig deep and pay attention to what the NPCs say. It's not ALL nonsense. That being said, I think I found the rest of the secrets in this game!

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