A downloadable game for Windows


Tab - toggle edit mode

Space - enter customize hamster

Esc - exit customize hamster or inventories

I - toggle inventory

H - toggle hat inventory

WASD - move


Up arrow and down arrow - browse

Z - select

Edit mode:

WASD - move among X and Z axis

Q & E - move up and down

Tab - exit edit mode

Left and right arrow keys - Change block

Up and down arrow keys - Change block size

Mouse movement - look around edit cube

Mouse scroll - zoom in/out

Hamster customization:

WASD or arrow keys - Browse and change

Known issues/bugs:

  • You can toggle customization mode while in inventory or edit mode, causing the hamster to be able to move around upon exiting customization mode.
  • There's no cap for the block size.
  • You can walk in the air.
  • The floor isn't a solid object or an actual floor, thus you are able to place blocks "in" it.
  • You can open the inventory while in hamster customization mode.
StatusIn development


Hotel Hamster - may 1st alpha build.zip 11 MB
Hotel Hamster - may 15th alpha build.zip 15 MB


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Can't wait to see the finished product!